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SC deep dredging pump

Head: 5-75 m
Capacity: 10~16200 m³/h
Pump type: Centrifugal pump
Media: Slurry
Material: Metal

1. Description:

The SCX deep excavation system is a new hydraulic model researched and developed by Tech-macro independently. We aim at the extraction of medium underwater deeply. 

With more than one year of practical and reliable running, SCX dredging process system and SC dredging pump is proved to be maximizing the extraction yield on the basis of energy saving, meanwhile it makes the process simple, safe and easy to operate.
SC deep dredging pump is the core equipment of SCX dredging process system.
According to the distance of pipeline transportation and weightiness of height distance and particle size, combined with the concentration change and the maximum concentration setting, on the basis of the principle of operability and controllability, SC sand dredging pumps are designed with different specifications to meet various working conditions.

Typical Application:
Extracting bottom mud, sand from rivers, leaks, sea, reservoir, pond
● Extract open caisson, deep sand
● Large tailings secondary selection
Deepwater dredging in Large reservoirs, ports
● Industrial sewage pool, pool of sludge extraction

2. Features:

●Keep continuous extraction process from shallow to deep .
Extraction effectively not affected by the variable layers even if it is quicksand layer, hardened layers, mud layer or any other changes of sand layer, and no need to worry about the impact on equipment by unpredictable movement, collapse during the process of sand extraction.
●The dredging depth can be several meters to hundreds of meters underwater by different requirements according to different specifications and models.
●By the concentration setting and adjusting device, it is able to maintain a high concentration operation and effectively avoid the pipe plug, ensure the continuity and efficiency of production.
●No additional high pressure water washing or reamer of stirring device required, simplify and energy-saving. The system can be in dredging and digging function automaticly when needed, do not require human action.
●Using a separate dynamic seal, the pump casing is non-sealing structure. The sealing part is always in a clear water condition, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment, and is convenient for disassembly, maintenance and replacement of spare part.
●Adopts single pump casing structure, small volume and light weight .
●Pump wet end components with strong wear resistant material, long service life .
●Large allowable particle size, generally around more than 3/4 of the pump outlet diameter(e.g. 250SC sand dredging pump can put through 200mm particle size around), effectively avoid clogging or winding .
●The whole SCX process is simple, low labor cost. In some conditions with permission, automatic or semi-automatic operation can be realized.

1. Operating Limits
● Inlet diameter:6-32 inch(150-800 mm)
● Discharge diameter:4-28 inch (100-700 mm)
● Flow capacity:10~16200 m3/h
● Head :5-75 m
2. Materials:

Materials Options  
Construction Standard Optional
Wet end parts (Casings, Impellers) High chrome alloy (A05, A08, A09, A61……)
The material adopted is usually based on the detailed application, or could be according to the customer’s requirements.