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KW Series Dredging Pump

Model:KW Series
Head: 10-75 m
Capacity: 3-36000 m³/h
Pump type: Horizontal centrifugal pump
Media: Slurry
Material: Metal

1. Description

KW series dredging pump is single stage single suction horizontal cantilevered centrifugal pump. Our company designs and researches this new type dredging pump by making full use of advanced CAD software, aiming to dredging river, lake and sea which is in great need to dredge in China. The use of this pump has remarkable comprehensive economic benefits and can meet dredging ship's requirements completely.

Type Application 

It is used for dredging and hydraulic fill. 

2. Features

● The whole construction is suitable for dredging ship.
  ①Reliable and simple structure (200KW~500KW type is single casing pump, 600KW~1000KW is double casing pump)
  ②Easy disassembly and installation, convenient maintenance
● Dredging performance is excellent
  ①good NPSH, strong through-put capability
  ②The curve of performance decrease sharply, to make the pump more adaptive in the change of discharge distance.
  ③Pump performance can be in a variety of change.
● Excellent ant-wear performance,long service of wet parts
● A little hydraulic loss,high efficiency,low consumption
● Reliable shaft sealing without leakage
200KW~500KW type usually adopts gland sealing or mechanical sealing or mechanical and packing compound sealing;600KWN~1000KWN adopts rubber sealing device
● Drive type:Generally use belt driven or Gear transmission
1. Operating Limits:

Inlet Diameter:250-1200mm
Discharge Diameter:200-1000mm
Flow Capacity:3-36000m3/h
2. Material(Wet-parts)

Materials Options  
Construction Standard Optional
Wet end parts (Casings/liners,Impellers) High chrome alloy (A05, A08, A09, A61……); The material adopted is usually based on the detailed application, or could be according to the customer’s requirements.

3. Performance Chart

    Series of dredging pump performance curve (only for primary model choice ) .
Note: Approximate clear water performance, and only used for primary model choice.


The casing gear box construction of 200-500KW dredging pump
1 Impeller   2 Pump casing   3 Throat bush   4 Back liner   5 Pump cover   6 Joint plate   7 Sealing box   8 Packing seal   9 Shaft   10 Gear box

The construction of 200-500KW dredging pump with bracket
1 Impeller  2 Pump casing  3 Throat bush  4 Back liner  5 Pump cover  6 Joint plate  7 Sealing box  8 Mechanical seal  9 Shaft  10 Bracket

The construction of 600-1000KW dredging pump with bracket
1 Pump casing  2 Volute liner  3 Shoulder ring  4 Big pump cover  5 Throat bush   6 Impeller  7 Suction liner tube  8 Impeller resistant wear ring  9 Small pump cover  10 Back liner  11 Resistant sand plate  12 Sealing box  13 “L” type rubber seal assy   14 Protecting ring of sealing box  15 Impeller release collar  16 Bearing housing  17 Shaft