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KN Series Non-clogging Centrifugal Pump

Model:KN Series
Head: 1~100 m
Capacity: 8~4500 m³/h
Pump type: Non-clogging centrifugal pump
Media: Sewage,clear water, seawater, bittern water, waste water, sludge and sugarcane bagasse, etc.
Material: Metal

1. Description

KN series non-clogging water pumps are the single stage, axial suction and cantilever non-clogging centrifugal pump. There are four types of impeller for selection.‘B’ impeller - closed non -clogging impeller;‘D’ impeller -closed multi-vane impeller;‘E’ impeller -open impeller;‘Z’ impeller -free-flow impeller.
Typical application

It is specially used for the city water supply, the sewage and effluent treatment, chemical, iron&steel industries and the paper,sugar & caned food industries. It can deliver all kinds of sewage, clear water, seawater, bittern water, waste water and sludge so that it can be used in water supply plant , sewage treatment works, breweries, mines as well as the chemical and construction industries. Type KN pump normally is suitable for delivering the neutral media( PH value is 6-8 about ). For the application of corrosive fluid and other special requirements, please quote this information when making order.
2. Features

●  High efficiency, Non-clogging, Reliable operation, Little vibration, Low noise, Easy maintenance.
● The series KN pump is supplied with 4 kinds of impeller for selection.
   ‘B’ impeller-closed non-clogging impeller.
   For clear water, the sewage and fluids containing solids and sludge which do not liberate gas.
   ‘D’ impeller-Closed multi-vane impeller
   For clear water, the fluid containing slight suspension such as treated sewage, screen water, pulp water,sugar juices,and so on.
   ‘E’ impeller-Open impeller
   Same applications as ‘D’ impeller but also including fluids containing air.
   ‘Z’ impeller-Free-flow impeller
   For fluids containing coarse solids liable to bunch or plait(such as long fiber admixtures, sticky particles and so on)and fluids containing air.
● Shaft seal:
   Gland seal:there are two kind of design:standard’s and high-temperature’s.
   The high temperature type should be used when the temperature is higher than 90℃.
   The stuffing box of this type can be cooled in order to be suitable for the transporting duty in high temperature.
   Mechanical seal: It also can be used for the application where leakage is not allowed.
● Drive:
   In general, they are directly coupled. Type are also indirectly coupled with belt, the range of drive ratio is from 1:1 to 1:2.
1. Operating limited

Inlet Diameter:2.5~20 inch (65~500mm)
Discharge Diameter: 1.5~20 inch (40~500mm)
Flow Capacity: 8~4500m3/h
Head: 1~100m

2. Material:

Materials Options  
Construction Standard Optional
Casing Grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, nickel cast iron;
Stainless steel (SS304, SS3016…);
High chrome alloy (A05, A08, A09, A49, A61……);
The material adopted is usually based on the detailed application, or could be according to the customer’s requirements.
Other wet end parts (Impellers)
Grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, nickel cast iron;
Brass, bronze;
Stainless steel (SS304, SS316…);
High chrome alloy (A05, A08, A09, A49, A61……);
Shaft Carbon steel(1045),
Stainless steel(2Cr13, 3Cr13)
Bracket Carbon steel

3. Performance Chart:

The below selection chart only show part of KN models. Please freely contact us for more detaied information.



KN series
1 Wear plate of suction side   2 Pump casing   3 Impeller   4 Discharge cover   5 Jointer   6 Bearing   7 Shaft   8 Support foot   9 Suction pipe   10 Inspection hole