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KA Series Horizontal Slurry Pump

Model:KA series
Head: 4-69m
Capacity: 3.6-6480 m³/h
Pump type: Horizontal centrifugal
Media: Slurry
Material: Metal, rubber, ceramic,etc

1. Description:
KA series slurry pumps are horizontal and cantilevered centrifugal pumps. They are suitable for transporting highly abrasive high density slurry or lower density high head slurry.  KA pump is suitable for conveying high abrasive, high density or low density, high head slurry. While the rubber lined pump is for small size (d50 ≦0.2 mm) particles or high density slurry, and sometimes corrosive slurry. 

   Typical Application:
● Chemical Process
● Heavy Minerals
● Paper and Pulp
● Mill Discharge
● Sugar Beet
● Slag Granulation
● Bottom Boiler and Fly Ash
● Cyclone Feed
● Power Plants 
● other industries 
2. Features:
● Replaceable wear-resistant metal liners, impellers &volute liners are made of wear-resistant metal (such as A05, A49, and other high chrome metal or rubber). 
● Bearing assembly uses cylindrical structure, adjusting the space between impeller & front liner easily, being removed completely when being repaired. Grease lubrication.
● The impeller can be 2--6 blades ones, making the pump more effective. And the pump can achieve in excess of 87% in the best efficiency area.
● Shaft seal could use the packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal. One pump also can be use expeller seal accompany with packing.
● The discharge outlet can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any 8 positions to suit installations and applications.
● This pump can be installed in multistage series to meet the delivery for long distance.
● Drive types: direct coupling drive(DC), V belt drive(CR, CV, ZV, CL), etc.
1. Pump Specification

KA metal lined pump operating limits:
Size range (discharge) :    1 inch to 18 inch (25 mm to 450 mm  )
Capacity:   3.6--6480 
Heads(TDH):   4--69 m (13 to 230 feet)
Max allowable particle size: Depend on pump model

KA rubber lined pump operating limits:
Size range (discharge) :    1 inch to 18 inch (25 mm to 450 mm  )
Capacity  3.6--5760 
Heads(TDH):   4--52 m (13 to 170 feet)
Max allowable particle size: Depend on pump model
2. Materials:
Materials Options  
Construction Standard Optional
Wet end parts (Liners,Impellers) High chrome alloy (A05, A07, A08,A09,A11, A49, A33, A61……);
Natural rubber (R26, R24, R55......);
Synthetic rubber(S01, S12, S21, S42......)
Composite ceramics
The material adopted is usually based on the detailed application, or could be according to the customer’s requirements.

3. Performance Chart
Note: 1. This is not complete because the nonstandard types are not shown. Please freely contact us for more details.

KA series (Metal Liner)

1 Cover Plate   2 Throat Bush   3 Volute Liner   4 Back Liner   5 Expeller Ring   6 Bearing Assembly   7 Frame Plate   8 Impeller   9 Expller   10 Shaft Sleeve

KA series (Rubber Liner)
1 Cover Plate   2 Cover Plate Liner   3 Frame Plate Liner   4 Expeller Ring   5 Packing Gland   6 Frame Plate   7 Impeller   8 Expeller   9 Shaft Sleeve   10 Frame