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FGD Engineering Projects


Many countries have formulated strict SO2 emission standards and medium- and long-term control strategies, accelerating the pace of SO2 emission control. Under the guidance of environmental protection policies, many countries have successively imposed mandatory regulations on the total S02 emission and emission concentration of thermal power plants, resulting in the installation or technical transformation of flue gas desulfurization facilities in thermal power plants to increase desulfurization efforts.
Judging from the desulfurization devices installed domestic and overseas, at present, the wet limestone/gypsum desulfurization process has mature technology, reliable operation, high desulfurization efficiency, and strong coal type adaptability, which can meet the long-term stable operation of the device. The desulfurizing agent (limestone) suitable for large-capacity units is cheap and easy to obtain. The desulfurized gypsum produced can be used in building materials industries such as cement plants and gypsum board plants.
In the desulfurization system, the pump is the main equipment for conveying the slurry. Due to the particularity of the conveying medium, the selection &design of pump and material selection of the pump is particularly important.
In view of the high chlorine ion content and large solid content of flue gas desulfurization slurry, Tech-macro has introduced technology and makes continuous independent research and development. Tech-macro
 is unique in the development of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials, efficient hydraulic design, structural design and sealing technology development already.

At present, the Re-circulation slurry pumps in FGD system provided by Tech-macro mainly include two categories, one is with high chromium metal impeller and rubber lining structure, the other is with single-casing structure made of composite Sic-ceramic materials.
Meanwhile, Tech-macro can provide related technical consulting and engineering services for the owners/EPC. If you have related business, welcome to consult!