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Pump Selection

Pump Selection

To dear customers,

For each of your inquiries, we will arrange professional sales engineers to provide high-quality selection solutions.
First of all, we will communicate with you about the working conditions and media in detail.
1. To meet the requirements of working conditions: the type and performance of the selected pump shall meet the equipment flow, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation allowance, suction, and other requirements.
2. To meet the requirements of the characteristics of the media: e.g. if the conveying media containing solids, impurities, we can choose the anti-corrosion and anti-abrasive slurry pump. In case of high flow and low head, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump can be selected.
Based on the above information, we will combine the following elements in the selection to further refine the scheme.
1. Material selection: based on the characteristics of the media to determine the pump material
2. Select pump type: determine the type of pump after the material is determined.
3. Selection model: After determining the material and pump type, select specific specifications and models according to actual required parameters (such as flow rate and head).

When selecting the specific model, we will issue the final plan based on the actual utility, such as:
1. Applicability: products and models that meet the parameters and requirements of the process shall be selected
2. Economy: when there are multiple pumps in the same working condition, the pump type with lower cost should be considered
3. Energy saving: the cost of electricity is an important cost in the use of the pump, so in the selection should try to choose the model with high efficiency.
For details, please consult with our sales engineer directly, we will provide you with enthusiastic pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

If you are not sure about the type selection, please try your best to provide Tech-macro with the basic data of working conditions and media, so that we can provide you with a optimum solution more accurately:



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