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[1] Description:

In order to meet the requirement for the market, series SX single-stage double suction centrifugal pumps, as new type of high-efficiency & energy-saving products, are designed and manufactured by Shijiazhuang Tech-macro Pump Industry Co.,Ltd. on the basis of absorbing and adopting advanced technique for the same products at home and abroad.

Typical Application

Used for supplying & draining water in city, delivering water in factory, mine city as well as irrigation & drainage in countryside and so on.Also it can be used for setting up from yellow river with more sandiness if adapting special material.

[2] Features

1) Wider range of performance;

2) High efficiency;

3) Excellent suction performance;

4) Different transfer medium different materials;

5) Compact construction;

6) Reliable operation,little libration and low noise

7) Easy maintenance;

8) Longer service life;

[3] Operating Limits:                                                  Type notation

Inlet Diameter: 125—1200mm                                               SX 100—310 A

Outlet Diameter: 80—900mm                                                 SX—Double suction pump

The flow: 50—13000m3/h                                                       100—Outlet diameter(mm)

Head: 10—170m                                                                       310—Nominal diameter of impeller(mm)

                                                                                                       A—The first cut of impeller


Except standard materials, this series pumps adopt different materials for different mediums to meet requirement of site situation. Include:gray iron, ductile iron,cast steel,stainless steel,Ni Cast iron,Copper and other anti wear & anti corrosion and crystal resistance materials

Other optional metals or alloys: Duplex stainless steel, brass etc.

[5]Selection Chart

[6] Construction

                         1.Shaft  2.Bearing  3.Packing  4.Cover  5.Casing   6.Impeller 

                          7.Seal-ring    8.Shaft sleeve      9.Mechanical seal   10.Bearing

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